Formal Insolvency for Individuals

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"As a single woman who owned a small business in financial difficulty, you looked after me so well and kept me going when I was in a very dark and miserable place. The team at Booth & Co (especially Luke) all gave me hope and more importantly provided guidance and help and someone to trust. You pointed me in the right direction, which was brilliant."
Mrs S.M. – completed IVA

We can advise on the options available to individuals in financial difficulty. Contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your personal circumstances.


An IVA is effectively a contract between an individual and his/her creditors that ring-fences their historic debt to allow continuity of trade or employment and for contributions (either by way of a lump sum or agreed monthly payments) to be made in settlement of the debt.

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Once the Bankruptcy Order has been made by the Court, the Official Receiver (a government official) will initially be appointed to deal with your affairs. A Trustee in Bankruptcy (a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner) is often appointed shortly afterwards, usually in more complex cases.

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